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Functions of PE non-adhesive warning tape



PE non-adhesive warning tape is a kind of warning tape, it can not only be used for the warning but also has other functions. At the same time, the quality of PE warning tape is also very good. This article will focus on the function and quality of PE non-adhesive warning tape.


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l What is the function of PE non-adhesive warning tape?

l How to distinguish the quality of PE non-adhesive warning tape?


What is the function of PE non-adhesive warning tape?

(1) First of all, the main purpose of PE non-adhesive warning tape is naturally to be a warning and reminder. As for some occasions, such as some public areas, considering safety factors, it is necessary to stick warning tape. So from the safety aspect alone, we understand the important point of warning tape for what is used.

(2) Secondly, PE non-adhesive warning tape plays the role of identification. So in what way, what is it specifically for, and how is it used? Announced for you next. This kind of warning tape comes in a variety of colors. For example: red, yellow, green, yellow and black. Then some colors have different meanings. Then some people divide different areas based on these colors. For example, in terms of fire safety, it is stipulated that red warning tape should be used.

(3) Furthermore, since the warning tape is made of PE material, everyone can often pull the warning banner in the banking department. This plastic frame is used for warning purposes. Common colors are yellow-black, red, and white. There is also a police crime scene that is often seen, and warning tapes with banners are often pulled up, which also serves as a warning. This shows that in addition to the above two uses, this type of tape is also reflected in some familiar aspects. So what is it for, everyone should be clear?

(4) In addition to the above introduction, because PE non-adhesive warning tape also includes printing anti-static pattern text type tape, with printing, therefore, this type of warning tape is mainly used in electronic radiation protection areas for warning reminders effect. For example, CT departments in some hospitals are prone to radiation, so they need to be reminded to stick this kind of warning tape.


How to distinguish the quality of PE non-adhesive warning tape?

First: Good quality PE warning tape. Rubber glue is not very strong and does not have a pungent smell. If the glue has a pungent smell, it is generally not rubber glue, and it is generally not so sticky.

Second: Pull the PE non-adhesive warning tape of good quality and bad quality at the same time, it will be easy to find that the discoloration of the two tapes is different. Poor quality tends to turn white. This is due to the use of poor quality raw materials, which will easily cause the tape to have the poor abrasion resistance and break easily. The average user did not pull it carefully, and there is no such discovery. However, good quality PE warning tape is not only not easy to turn white, but also not easy to break.

Third: The surface of a good-quality PE non-adhesive warning tape is smoother and shiny, while the surface of a bad PE non-adhesive warning tape is rougher and generally has more spots. If you encounter this situation, it means that the wear resistance of the PE warning tape is not very good, and it is easy to break.


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