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Product Introduction
Different material of reflective tape,sticker and warning tape for traffic and public safe. The material available includes PVC, PET, PC, Glass beads, PMMA and so on.
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Photoluminescent tapes/films refer to the principle of absorbing light and slowly emitting light by using the characteristics of chemical molecular structure and using a material extracted from rare earth as raw material. The photoluminescent tapes/films can be divided into PVC, pet and PMMA according to different materials. The photoluminescent tapes/films of these materials have self luminous time and can emit light for 2-12 hours.

At present, photoluminescent tapes/films is used in fire safety signs, ship signs and general guidance signs. The products are non-toxic, non radioactive and stable in chemical properties. And the photoluminescent tapes/films has high initial brightness, long time and good flexibility. Excellent weather resistance.

The photoluminescent tapes/films can be used for computer engraving.

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