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How to use reflective traffic sign plates safely and correctly?

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How to use reflective traffic sign plates safely and correctly?

Reflective traffic sign plates, also known as road traffic signs, are graphic symbols that display traffic laws and road information. Reflective traffic sign plates can provide vivid, specific, and concise expressions of traffic laws and regulations. At the same time, it also expresses content that is difficult to describe in words. It is a facility used to manage traffic and indicate the direction of traffic to ensure smooth roads and safe driving. Reflective traffic sign plates are suitable for highways, urban roads, and all special highways. They are of the nature of laws and regulations, and vehicles and pedestrians must abide by them.

Here is the content list:

●How to stick reflective traffic sign plates?

●What are the requirements for installing reflective traffic sign plates?

How to stick reflective traffic sign plates?

The pasting of reflective traffic sign platesis also an important process. If the pasting is not good, blistering will affect the life of the signs. The general operation steps are as follows:

1. First, we must select the appropriate reflective film according to the drawing requirements to paste the overall layout of the reflective traffic sign plate. During the pasting process, we must try to make the reflective film and the layout consistent. If there are bubbles, we must puncture and flatten and paste again.

2. Then we paste the layout information, usually, the layout information is pasted separately in the font. This requires us to typeset and paste the design drawing requirements during the pasting process.

3. Finally, we pack the completed reflective traffic sign plate board with plastic film to prevent dust and staining of the information on the layout.

What are the requirements for installing reflective traffic sign plates?

The installation method of reflective traffic sign plates is similar to that of traffic signs, and the installation of reflective traffic sign plates also needs to follow certain principles and requirements. It mainly includes the following aspects:

1. To ensure the personal safety of everyone, before installing the luminous traffic signs, you must do a good job of road traffic control, set up warning signs and warning lights, and ensure that no vehicles pass by during the installation process, even if this is not guaranteed. At one point, we must also do adequate communication and take safety measures to ensure the safety of installation workers and drivers.

2. Pay attention to the workers' safety, pay attention to the surrounding wires and cables, and take safety precautions.

3. When installing reflective traffic sign plates, different designs should be made according to the different levels and conditions of the road. The one-sided pursuit of beauty or uniformity should not be pursued while ignoring the special terrain requirements of the site. To ensure the normal use of the light-emitting traffic sign after installation, the above three installation requirements are hoped that everyone can follow them reasonably. If there is a need to add something, you can contact our company.

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