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Why we need safety vests ?

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Why we need safety vests ?

There are dangers everywhere in life,it is hard for us to expect, especially construction workers, security,railroad,traffic control, survey,delivery personnel, police and many other special workers. For this reason, Xiangying is willing to provide you with safety. We are fully equipped with safety vests, T-shirts, long sleeves, jackets and sweatshirts. There will be more new products in the future to increase Your Visibility and Safety...

Our safety vests are features with following features :

Sturdy Stitching

Nice design with Sturdy webbing.

Reflective Strips

2" wide high visibility reflective strips which provide 360° protection during work or outdoor activities under any lighting conditions.

Solid and Smooth zipper

Quick and smooth zipper function allows you to close your clothes quickly and save your dressing time.

Durable and Breathable Fabric

100% polyester fabric, high visibility reflective material. Durable, lightweight, breathable and machine washable.dyed in fluorescent colors to increase its visibility, giving you an extra layer of protection in dim environments.

Safety vest is perfect for Municipal Workers, Constructions, Contractors, Renovation Professionals, Engineers, Surveyors, Forestry, Warehouse Personnel, Securities, Parking Attendants, Public Safety Officers, Airport Ground Crews, Crossing Safety Guard, Cycling, Wildness Hiking, Park Walking, Jogging, Motor Riding, or Volunteering.

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